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2023 Show Season

March 2-5---MN Quarter Horse

March 9-12---North Central Reined Cow Horse

March 17-19---North Central Reining Horse

March 24-26---MN Arabian Horse

April 30-2---MN Quarter Horse

April 7-9---SC Productions Barrel Race

April 13-16---North Central Reined Cow Horse

April 21-23---MN Pinto Horse

April 29-30---PENDING


May 4-7---North Central Reined Cow Horse

May 13-14---MN Paint Horse Association

May 18-21---MN Quarter Horse

May 26-28---MN Pinto Horse


June 2-4---SC Production Barrel Race

June 9-11---North Central Reining Horse

June 17-19---PENDING

June 22-25---North Central Reined Cow Horse


July 30-2---MN Miniature Horse

July 7-9---SC Productions Barrel Race

July 14-16---MN Pinto Horse

July 22-23---MN Paint Horse

July 27-29---North Star Americana


August 4-6---SC Productions Barrel Race

August 11-13---MEC WSCA Open Show 

August 18-20---MN Pinto Horse

August 26-27---[OPEN]


September 2-3---Pony of the Americas Midwest Futurity Event

September 7-10---MN Arabian Horse

September 15-17---NCRCHA Event

September 22-24---MN Sorting Event


October 30-1--- WSCA Open Show

October 6-8---SC Productions Barrel Race

October 13-15---MN Saddlebred Futurity Event

October 21-22---Pony of the Americas

October 27-29---Coulee Kennel Club Dog Show


November 4-6---North Central Reining Horse Association

November 10-12---MEC Open WSCA Event

November 17-19---Pending


December 30-3---North Central Reined Cow Horse Association


If you are interested in having a show or event at our facility, please email us at or call us at (507) 452-5600. Thank you!

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